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Book Review – Him & I by Melody Eve

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Today’s post is a book review of Him & I by Melody Eve. I received an e-ARC of this from Social Butterfly PR! So huge thanks to them and to Melody!

Him and I.jpg“Love is a risk. Roman has never been willing to take those odds, until now.
A beautiful stranger, overheard telling the desk clerk she’s on her honeymoon alone, arouses something in him. Something primal. Something protective. He finds himself doing and saying things he swore he never would in an effort to understand the pain in Aria’s sensual eyes.
His scars are so deep, they may never heal.
His need for control is ingrained.
His desire for her is unparalleled.
The challenge of winning her may be the biggest risk of all.”

I’m so so torn about this book. I want to say how much I love it, but I just can’t. It started out really fun. Girl gets revenge on cheating ex at wedding, meets hot guy on “honeymoon”, fun fling. Okay so I really loved the setting of the book, resort in Mexico yes please! And I really liked how the characters met and their witty banter. Aria is trying to forget about David, her cheating ex when she meets Roman. And in a way he helps her move on with her life. Now let’s get to what I didn’t like.

Basically I really did not like Roman’s character. He was extremely controlling and at times manipulative. And this was all supposed to be considered behavior born out of love. To justify this the character is given a very tragic backstory. But even so I did not understand his behavior. It felt very Christian Grey, but with a crucial difference. Roman never really changes his behavior. He doesn’t see how ridiculous he’s being and yet Aria constantly forgives him. The language of the book bothered me a bit as well. The way they talked, the words they used just didn’t seem realistic to me. A lot of things just seemed to rub me the wrong way with this one.

I will say that I think the story portrays loss and mental illness in a really good way. It let’s you know that it’s okay to fall apart when tragedy strikes and that there’s no shame in getting help. There is supposed to be a second book so I’m hoping the story and characters get flushed out a bit more. I’m glad I gave this book a chance as it is the author’s first. And I’ll definitely be reading the second!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! <3 Adrianna



*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads


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