Let’s Talk: Pressures Of Being A Reader/Blogger

I haven’t been blogging for long. Maybe a month and a half now. And yet I have already stressed myself out about not reading enough books to review. I have seen this happen to other bloggers, especially on Twitter. People apologizing for not posting anything for a few days or for posting late or for not posting on their regular days. So I really wanted to take some time to put my thoughts and feelings out there for all of you to read, for two main reasons. First, because it helps to say what I’m feeling even if no one reads it and two because I want others who feel this way to know that they are not alone.

 I have been a big reader my whole life, so much so that everyone who knows me even a little knows how much I love books. Probably because I’m always talking about them! But my point here is that I am known for reading, which often times means that’s all people think that I do. My family expects that I have read all of the big and famous books and that I must love them all. Well guess what? I’ve never read Moby Dick, I refuse to read War and Peace, I really hate To Kill a Mockingbird , and Twilight is one of my all time favorite books. Being a reader does not me you are a genius, being a reader doesn’t mean you have to read the “classics”, though I personally love to read them. And reading certain types of books does not make you a “bad” reader.

Often times I feel pressure from friends, family, and fellow bloggers alike to read more books. I feel like I have to post more reviews, and do less tags. I feel like I have to love the same books that other avid readers do and hate the same ones that they do.

 Some examples? I really really do not like The Book Thief, I do not think it’s a great or amazing book and I do not get the hype. And I actually don’t hate the Fifty Shades series. It’s no great literary work, but I don’t hate it, yup I actually said that. But it was so hard to admit here, because I know people will read those opinions and instantly judge me. And there is that pressure again, the pressure to read the “right” kinds of books and have the opinion that goes with the status quo.

Sometimes I feel as if I need to jump on the bandwagon so to speak and if I don’t I cannot be apart of the conversation. I feel like I’m missing out on some big secret that no one wants to share. But I and you are more than just a reader. We like and do other things, books are a huge part of my life, but they are not my whole life.

It’s okay to stop reading for awhile. It’s okay to want to read e-books and not physical books. It’s alright if you want to read sappy, sex filled, romance novels. Or maybe you just read comics or manga. Or perhaps you only like biographies. My point is that everyone is different and it’s okay to like and not like certain types of books. The same goes for those of us who blog, whether we blog about books, life, travel, clothes, makeup, pop culture, movies, or tv shows it does not matter. There is no “correct” way to blog or a “right” topic to blog about. But there is a pressure as a blogger or even a youtuber to post consistently and to post content that their readers and watchers will find interesting.

 But you know I believe that our work has value no matter how many people see it or comment on it. I believe we all matter and that each of our opinions matter, even if no one says so. It’s an unfortunate part of life, pressure. And it sucks that we all feel it from time to time, even when we’re doing something we love. I think we often forget why we started our blogs or YouTube channels in the first place, because we wanted to share our passions with the world. So maybe in the future we can all try to remember that and go forward with clearer heads and peaceful hearts. Much love to you all <3 And a special shout out to the bloggers that have helped and inspired me along my journey.

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! <3 Adrianna

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